• Kim Foster

Another 5 star book for your bookshelf: Tara Brach's 'True Refuge'

I just finished reading ‘True Refuge’ by Tara Brach, and this is a book that will remain part of my top 20 references that I’ll return to throughout life for guidance, solace, and reminders to stay connected within. Having struggled with several thinking challenges—rumination, negative outlooks, pessimism, as well as depression and anxiety, Tara’s message of noticing your feelings, positive or negative, and then simply letting them exist has been a revelation for me. It’s okay to feel, in other words. And it’s okay to feel negative feelings. Meeting these emotions with presence and awareness allows one to make a choice about how to respond. This book is filled with insight and understanding and offers a tremendous resource in mindfulness exercises, meditations, and easy to follow instructions for practice in a wide range of situations. This book has taught me to recognize the silent space behind all the business and striving in order to reconnect to my basic goodness to create the most authentic expressions I can create.

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