Who I am

HI!  Thanks for visiting my blog.  I am a classically trained violist who freelances in New York City, a teacher, and well-being expert.  In 2012, I became the first classical musician to become certified as a Positive Psychology Practitioner through the Flourishing Center in NYC.   I combine my expertise as a professional musician and positive psychology practitioner to inform others in the art of thriving--living our best life and expressing our own unique essence authentically in the world.  I've helped people brainstorm projects, become happier, more organized, and fulfilled through exploring the many facets of positive psychology: feeling more positive, authentic engagement, developing relationships, deriving meaning and finding purpose, Achievement, and Health and Vitality.  

My story started musically: I wanted to become a member of a full time symphony orchestra.  While I was a dedicated member of the audition circuit I developed debiltating performance anxiety in audition situations only.  I began to study the psychological aspects of anxiety in depth.  I read books, worked with therapists, tried hypnotism, studied yoga for anxiety reduction, and practiced.  I became immersed in the process of reducing the anxiety all in order to be able to say that 'I had played my best' and ultimately be happy with my performance skills.  I spent a considerable amount of time experimenting at various auditions with various skills I learned to reduce the anxiety in order to play my best.

And over time, I cultivated a wealth of information, tools and skills that work together to create a life where I'm no longer controlled by my anxiety and am able to make positive choices that support a life of flourishing. 

Through the years I've created many businesses including a wedding music business, a community music school, a private music lesson studio, I've produced my own concerts, done all the publicity and organizing around all the projects, and I've learned what it takes to market and make my musical projects flourish. Through all the years of reading countless books, taking courses, becoming certified, and lots and lots of experimentation, I've become an expert on how to align all of my interests, passions and purpose for a very fulfilling independent musical life.

Having been in the works for several years now, Precision Musician is my own new project.  

Precision Musician aims to assist you with aligning your passions with your purpose to support you manifesting projects, fulfilling your own unique artistic mission, and flourishing in life.

Why I do this

My musical journey has definitely been a road less traveled.  As a passionate musician who cares deeply about education, I've made it my mission to focus my work not on teaching the technical skills of playing an instrument, but teaching the technical skills related to mental, physical and emotional health and well-being.  It's my goal to support you through aligning your mission, passion and purpose.  For me it's a blend of teaching, coaching, and creating that I find extremely gratifying.  

What I can do for you

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And if your're interested in working with me privately or in having me present for your organization, drop me a line at kim@precisionmusician.com